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Tess & Ben's Wedding

Ben & Tess, celebrating their love with their closest friends & family. A beautiful backyard ceremony and reception with some stunning sunset beach photos in-between. Its a big YES from me.

Ben & Tess
Before their ceremony Ben & Tess decided that they would like to head down to their local beach with their close family to have a 'first look'. As Ben stood their with their two little boys you could tell the anticipation that he felt to see his beautiful bride. As soon as he turned around, alls you could see was the love and awe in his eyes for his beautiful Tess. 
After having a moment together we snapped a few family photos before the family headed back to the ceremony. We then stayed back to get a few more photos of just the two of them, and they got to have a few moments alone. 
Their ceremony was a beautifully set up backyard ceremony then turn reception. STUNNING. 
We headed to the beach just before sunset for a few more fun filled photos before heading back to dig into some wood fired pizza.
Have I just described the most perfect, laid back and beautiful wedding day? I think so.
Thank you for having me you love birds. 

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